Clear as a Bell Marketing: January 2019


It was a very busy end to 2018 for Clear as a Bell Marketing, and not just with all those Christmas lunches and party nights to fit in, but that too!

We like to be part of the (your) team and to make a valuable contribution to any of the organisations we work with and at the end of 2018, we hope that you may have noticed some of the projects we’ve been working on!


Our 3 days (and some!) at The Crichton Trust have been particularly busy since September but with some real achievements too – here are some of my highlights…

We took The Crichton to The Scottish Wedding Show in September – including the park bench from outside Easterbrook Hall! We wanted to give our guests a real sense of The Crichton – lots of green space, beautiful gardens, blue skies (most of the time!) and the stunning backdrop showing the convenient co-location of the Crichton Memorial Church, the Holiday Inn Dumfries, Easterbrook Hall and Easterbrook Bistro, Bar & Spa.  Why wouldn’t you want to get married at The Crichton?! This was another example of great teamwork – photography by Mike Bolam, Branding and Graphic Design by Nicky o’ Toole and Hazel Harper from BDSDigital, exhibition display from Signright, exhibition set up and project management by our good selves with fantastic support from the property team at The Crichton Trust. That just left the Easterbrook Hall events team to work their magic on show days!

October was also fantastic, with the launch of two taster events in association with Mostly Ghostly Tours.  Yes, we launched the Crichton Crypt Tours in the middle of October with plans to do a few more in Spring, but they were so popular that both taster dates were sold out within an hour of Mostly Ghostly Tours posting the events on Facebook! Wow! Those who managed to get on the tours loved them, so the short story is that we set more dates for November and December and they sold out too! It really was fantastic to see so many new visitors coming along to hear about the history of The Crichton, visit the Crichton Memorial Church, Crypt and Undercroft and to hear some of tales from the Mostly Ghostly Tours team and their guests too!  Some of our guests extended their stay to take up the offer of supper in Easterbrook Bistro, Bar & Spa after the tours.  You guessed it – more great team work involving colleagues at The Crichton Trust to get this new initiative off the ground, but it was an absolute pleasure to work with Kathleen, John and Mary from Mostly Ghostly Tours for the first time. What a dedicated, friendly, knowledgeable, talented, professional, reliable and enthusiastic team.  I have thoroughly enjoyed helping to facilitate this initiative and I look forward to more sell out tours in 2019 (January and February tours are sold out already!)

Following our summer branding work with Nicky o Toole from BDSDigital, we started the process of re-branding The Crichton, Easterbrook Hall and Neuro’s Bar, Restaurant & Spa (now Easterbrook Bistro, Bar & Spa). You may already have started to notice the effects of this and as you might expect this work is ongoing, but you may have noticed the change when we launched the ‘Have a very Crichton Christmas’ campaign, or maybe you’re starting to notice our presence on social media or seen the property team driving about in their newly sign-written van?  Or if you haven’t seen it yet…check out the new website  In the run up to Christmas we were busy working towards launching a new merged website for The Crichton, which now provides a fantastic platform for promoting businesses, partners, facilities, events and news  from The Crichton.  As you know, it is an ongoing job to maintain a website but thanks to Nicky oToole from BDSDigital for his design and to Chris, James and colleagues from Creatomatic for building the new website and for all of their WordPress tips and guidance in the run up to Christmas!

So that extended team I spoke about in my last blog, has been crucially important in recent months – graphic designers, web designers, printers, exhibition specialists, sign writers and photographers. Mike Bolam, Allan Devlin, Andy Jardine, Graham Edwards, Kim Ayres and other wedding photographers and suppliers have all been part of the process we are going through to update our photography library – there is no shortage of beautiful spaces, places and exciting events to capture and we also subjected the Trustees and Management Team to new profile photographs too!

No wonder we were all ready for a break by Christmas! I’ve certainly felt #partoftheteam at The Crichton Trust in recent months and I hope I have helped, in some small way, to make a difference.

I look forward to continuing to work with colleagues at The Crichton Trust through to the end of March 2019.


The 40th Dumfries and Galloway Arts Festival will take place in May 2019, and once again we have been invited to be part of the team!  For 40 years, the core team have worked tirelessly throughout each year to bring together an annual 10 day festival of performing arts to every corner of Dumfries and Galloway. Our role is to support the team in attracting event sponsors and businesses to advertise in the 2019 festival programme, so if you would like to support and congratulate the team in their 40th Anniversary year please let me know if you would like to sponsor an event, host an event, offer a financial donation or advertise in the programme by the end of January.  The programme will be launched in March and the festival takes place from the 24th May to 2nd June 2019.  I’m very much looking forward to being part of the Anniversary celebrations in 2019.


We can be your project manager, your marketing manager or your business partner, but what’s really important is that we become (a useful!) part of the team – part of your team!  Whether it’s a short or long term project, whether we work from our office or yours, whether we are working with your organisation or on a partnership project or event, we want you to think of us as an extension to your team!   If you’re looking for support with your marketing, PR, events, project management, business support or just an extra pair of hands from time to time then get in touch.


Family time continues to be an important part of life outside of work and I also continue to contribute to the work of St George’s Church in Dumfries (as you might expect supporting events, social media, website, communications and fundraising as well as my duties as an elder). I am also a volunteer Business Mentor at Dumfries High School and continue to maintain my status as a Chartered Marketer with the Chartered Institute of Marketing through the annual submission of CPD records and reflections.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me since I launched Clear as a Bell Marketing in April 2017. If you have a task or project you think I can help with, please get in touch.  Remember to check out my testimonials or feel free to speak to my clients and find out what they have to say!

Clear as a Bell Marketing: your business partner, your marketing manager, your project manager, part of the team.


Caroline, January 2019

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