Clear as a Bell Marketing: September 2018


Well, we made it into our second year in business as Clear as a Bell Marketing!  We offer to be your project manager, your marketing manager or your business partner, but what’s really important to us is that we become (a useful!) part of the team – part of your team!  Whether it’s a short or long term project, whether we work from our office or yours, whether we are working with your organisation or on a partnership project, we want you to think of us as an extension to your team!   If you’re looking for support with your marketing, PR, events, project management, business support or just an extra pair of hands from time to time then get in touch. We’ve been part of a few teams this year so far…


The 39th Dumfries and Galloway Arts Festival took place in May 2018, and once again we were invited to be part of the team!  The core team work tirelessly throughout each year to bring together an annual 10 day festival of performing arts to every corner of Dumfries and Galloway.  In some small way, we have been able to take the pressure off the team when it comes to attracting businesses to sponsor events and/or advertise in their festival programme and importantly to manage the expectations of sponsors and supporters to ensure they also benefit from their involvement with the festival. Thank you to everyone who sponsored, supported or placed an advert in the 2018 programme. It would seem that they may want us back to join the team for the 40th Dumfries and Galloway Arts Festival in 2019, so if you want to sponsor an event, host an event, offer a financial donation or advertise in the 2019 40th anniversary programme then feel free to get in touch!


Well 2018, the Year of Young People, was always going to be a busy year for Dumfries and Galloway Council.  After successfully securing funding from Event Scotland to host one of only five signature events to celebrate the Year of Young People in Scotland, the team behind the Youth Beatz festival were tasked with delivering their largest, longest and best Youth Beatz festival ever! In it’s 10th year, the Youth Beatz team had the experience behind them to do just that.  The annual festival, which takes place in Dumfries, was already the largest free youth music festival in Scotland, but for 2018 it was to move to a new venue, become a two day festival rather than one, attract high profile performers and attract a crowd of 40,000 young people to Dumfries  – no easy task, but with a strong team and support from a huge number of volunteers and supporting businesses it turned out to be quite an event!  Everyone involved will tell you that one of the biggest challenges of setting up, delivering and breaking down the event was staying cool -it turned out to be an exceptionally hot summer!  Clear as a Bell Marketing, was only a very small part of the Youth Beatz team, but our remit was to make sure that local and national businesses knew all about Youth Beatz 2018 and to attract new financial sponsors, exhibitors and in-kind support from those who might benefit from an association with the festival or who may have felt inclined to support young people and the Year of Young People.   At the festival itself, we also formed part of the team who were responsible for meeting and greeting sponsors and festival guests – they all seemed to enjoy a welcome break from the sun at various points throughout the weekend!  A big well done to the Youth Beatz team and volunteers for running such a fantastic event and a huge thank you to the businesses and organisations who kindly supported it!


What was a 2 day a week, four month project at The Crichton Trust from September 2017 is still going too!  The original brief was to write a marketing strategy for The Crichton Trust, but at the same time as writing the strategy we’ve also been working with colleagues across the business to help plan and implement day to day marketing and communications activities and to manage the marketing budgets.  Importantly, the Trust is now changing its focus to promote The Crichton as a destination and in doing so requires a new approach to marketing, communications and partnership working – just our thing!  Steps have already been taken to conduct a brand review, start building a new photo library, work more closely with the media on advertising and PR, appoint a new design agency and review the online presence of The Trust and its businesses. With a new Chief Executive, operational changes and some considerable background work, The Crichton Trust is now entering an exciting phase and Clear as a Bell Marketing has been appointed for 3 days a week for a further 6 months to March 2019, to help implement the strategy.   Firmly, part of the team in 2018 and looking forward to making a difference in the months ahead!  Having worked at The Crichton for 15 years in various capacities, we know how great it is – but do you?  Do you know the history?  Do you know how many businesses operate from The Crichton or that you could lease a business property or office space too? Have you had a walk through the gardens (they are open and free to the public all year round)? Have you considered studying at The Crichton or what about getting married there or holding a conference or going for a swim, a beauty treatment, a party night, a concert, lunch, afternoon tea, coffee, dinner or an overnight stay? It’s all possible at The Crichton.  #TheCrichton


With only a couple of weeks until students start or return to their studies in September, we’ve been busy working with the academic and business partners at The Crichton to prepare an information leaflet to highlight the range and location of facilities that are available to students studying at The Crichton. Regardless of whether students are studying at Dumfries and Galloway College, The University of Glasgow or the University of the West of Scotland in Dumfries, they can access facilities and services provided by all the partners. This means that students can choose to eat in the Costa Cafe at the College, the Coffee Bar in the Rutherford McCowan Building, grab a snack from the vending machines in any of the buildings or venture out into the wider estate and pay a visit to Fresco, Neuro’s, The Holiday Inn or the Crichton Golf Club – quite a selection! When it comes to sport and leisure, students can work out in the gym at the College, go for a swim and a sauna at Neuro’s, play golf at The Crichton Golf Club, join the student rowing or football teams or just make the most of the landscaped grounds for walking, jogging or cycling.  The Crichton parkrun,  a free 5k timed event, also takes place every Saturday morning offering students and the wider community, the opportunity to walk or cycle around The Crichton grounds. Of course, students don’t have to go far off-site to find themselves in the beautiful rural countryside of Dumfries and Galloway and surrounded by rivers, lochs, hills and forests – a haven for anyone who likes to explore or enjoy outdoor pursuits.  Clear as a Bell Marketing has taken on a project management role on behalf of the partners and as well as collecting, writing and collating copy and content for the publication, has been liaising with each of the partners to ensure they are appropriately represented within the publication. We have also been the main point of contact with the graphic designer, photographers and printers and of course we took on budget management duties along the way!


Some days we represent several organisations in just one meeting. To be working with a number of clients undoubtedly presents opportunities for partnership working, for sharing insight and for connecting people.  And then we have the rest of the team – the media, design agencies, printers, web designers, photographers and the likes – it is important that we work as part of their team too and so we continue to enjoy a close working relationship with a wide range of creative agencies and we are more than happy to put you in touch with them or if it helps, we can liaise with them on your behalf and manage your project for you. There is no shortage of creative talent in Dumfries and Galloway!

Clear as a Bell Marketing: your business partner, your marketing manager, your project manager, part of the team.


Caroline, August 2018

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